She hides her real feelings. She kept her tears at night when you two had a fight. She don’t tell you words you long to hear. She looks like she don’t care but the thing is she cares too much about you. She gave you mixed signals and you thought she’s not serious. She’s not showy and you slowly…

Five reason to smile.

  • One: If you are reading this, you either have a computer or a cellphone. Either way you should be grateful of what you have that others might not. Also if you can see what I’m writing here you must have eyes. That’s something we so often take for granted but it’s amazing how much of an impact it has and how many people around the world would kill for what you have.
  • Two: No matter how bad things are in your life, your parents yelling at you, a bad mark in school, your friends not talking to you, just think that there will always be someone, somewhere in a worse position. No matter how sad you feel remember that maybe at that moment, someone in the world is dying of starvation or being beat to death so you should be happy for where you live and what kind of life you have.
  • Three: Another reason to smile is that it is contagious! If you are out walking around you should just smile, it doesn't just release endorphin's and make you in a better mood, but it can also change someone else’s day. Smiling is contagious so if they see you smiling then it will make them feel good no matter what mood they are in.
  • Four: I don’t care what you say, but there’s always someone in this world that loves you. No matter if its your parents, your colleagues your boyfriend/girlfriend, your teacher, your best friends or even someone you have just met, you always have someone who loves you or cares for you and will be there for you.
  • Five: You are amazing! No matter how useless you feel sometimes, remember that you have a talent! You are good at something maybe you haven't discovered it yet but maybe someday. For me it’s writing and making people smile! You are smart, talented and awesome! We all are in our own way.
  • So don't let a bad day go in your way. Just smile and let the world wonder why. *wink*